Light Weight ‘CarryOn’ Travel

As promised, I have itemised what I will be taking on our 52 day Thailand adventure. This is only what I will be taking. Melissa and Jack will also have their own carry on luggage allowance for their gear. We will also be taking a backpack carrier for Jack, which unfortunately we will need to check in. This will make our stop in Singapore a bit more of a pain, as we will need to leave air side to retrieve the carrier and check it back in through customs.

Image 1 : contents of carry on

Pack : Pacsafe Venturesafe 25 litre backpack
Contents : gadget chargers, sketching pens, sketching pencil, sketching water brushes, watercolours for sketching, homemade watercolour sketchbook, my favourite moleskine notebook, icebreaker merino shorts, icebreaker merino tee shirt, icebreaker merino polo (yes… I stumbled on an icebreaker sale in Adelaide), Keen sandals, 2 pairs of ex-oficio jocks, 2 pairs of Marino socks, sports socks, tooth brush, aluminium free deodorant, micropur water purifying tablets and MacBook. Things not in the photo, which will be included in the pack are: SLR camera with 35mm lens, packet of band aids, bandage and clasp, betadine, Panamax, kids panadol, kids nurophen, thermometer, board shorts, passports, itinerary, travel vouchers and my hat.

‘Trust me’ – it will all fit. Travel clothing is extremely light and rolls up to next to nothing.

Image 2 : what I’ll be wearing

I will also carry my iPhone in my pocket.

As time gets closer, I will post the final contents of my pack, along with Melissa and Jack’s.

I’m interested in your thoughts on travelling light, so please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts or share your own experiences.

Hope you are all well.


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